BeautyProof is next-generation skin care. BeautyProof’s founder, Lesley Goodson, wrote the book Breaking the Age Code - Young Skin for Life. Hailed for its meticulous research into the latest anti-aging discoveries, Lesley used her in-depth knowledge of biology and aging skin to develop the BeautyProof product line. In the ever evolving field of skincare, remaining on top of the latest breakthroughs and developments is what BeautyProof is all about. At the core of all of BeautyProof’s products, are carefully sustained and harvested naturals. Over 100 plants, flowers, fruits and minerals are included in our formulations. BeautyProof uses only skin-friendly ingredients. We perform no animal testing, contain no parabens and we are highly committed to eco-responsibility. Whether it is anti-aging, anti-dark spots, instant glamour or body perfection, BeautyProof delivers proven efficacy unlike any other. Beauty enhanced by breakthrough formulations and proven ingredients.

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