Body By Bella


Body By Bella provides Bath & Body Products strictly and carefully handmade with raw ingredients. We want to tell people that we care for their skin and that we work hard with nature to create one of best products in the market. We want our customer to know that we do not test on animal and we want them to become more eco-friendly.

Body By Bella started in my kitchen . As I was making some body butter for my family and I, my sister advised me to start selling it to people. I was using raw ingredients such as Shea butter and I was using it on my skin for years. I was also making my own scrubs. When my sister told me to offer my new passion to people who are tired of all those commercial products I thought of it for a while and then I made some researches for months and I finally created my company. As of today I use my own products, never tested on animals. I want my products to be close to nature and I want people to see how dedicated my company is.

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Approved by PETA Caring Consumer as Cruelty Free and Vegan
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