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At Bombshell Bath Bomb Boudoir, we are proud to deliver safe, quality, unique bath bombs to our customers that are cruelty-free and vegan. Our bath bombs are made with quality, fresh ingredients.We use high-end oils such as jojoba and argan oil in our bath bombs to help moisturize and soften your skin. Luxury ingredients also make an appearance in our bath bombs at times to. Dead Sea Salt, hibiscus petals, rose petals, dried sea kelp, and essential oils are some of our favorites.

We realize that there are a lot of bath bombs on the market. Therefore, we always strive to create bath bombs that we know our customers will find unique. We take time to specially formulate our bath bombs so that they create beautiful, colorful bath with amazing scents.

We take great pride in our products and we love making our customers happy. We are excited that you have taken the time to read about our brand and hope to see you soon! Use code BUNNY for 10% off your order!

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