Blissful Minerals


Vegan/Organic Mineral Makeup, Cosmetics, & Skin Care.

Crafted using only the highest quality vegan, cruelty-free, all natural, and gluten-free ingredients, our vegan mineral makeup recipes were created uniquely for us, then tested, developed, and perfected by a professional makeup artist and esthetician.

Our Organic Vegan Cosmetics & Skin Care line is crafted with only the highest quality all natural and certified organic ingredients. Treat yourself to the best organic vegan makeup in the industry with our organic and vegan liquid foundation, botanical vegan lipsticks, and organic and cruelty-free mineral mascara. All products are gluten-free as well!

As an ethical vegan-owned company, it is imperative we ensure we are in no way contributing to animal cruelty at any point of our operations. We have pledged from inception that there will never be any animal byproducts in Blissful Minerals cosmetics and no animal testing!

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