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It is easier than ever to shop cruelty-free!

Are you looking for recommendations or interested in the latest Leaping Bunny certified products? This blog is for you.  We review Leaping Bunny certified products, ranging from beauty, personal care, and household products, and provide you with the necessary information to help you make informed purchases.

The Leaping Bunny Program set the gold standard for certifying companies cruelty-free and free of animal testing.  We work closely with brands to help make shopping for animal-friendly products accessible and trustworthy.  Check out the shopping guide for our ever expanding list of cruelty-free companies.  The power is in the consumer and we hope to provide you with the tools to shop cruelty-free.


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Cruelty-Free Product Reviews

May 17, 2016

A well-known and accepted issue when searching for all-natural laundry care is finding a product that effectively cleans and whitens clothes without the use of bleach. For the longest time, I would give into stains that were seemingly impossible to remove from my garments. It can be quite frustrating when an effective stain remover is missing from the all-natural products realm.

Molly's Suds is a company that prides itself in providing safe and effective laundry products for both people and the planet. The brand has curated an array of products including laundry powder, cloth diaper powder, all sport laundry wash, and dog shampoo. Additionally, they carry an Oxygen Whitener which promises to aid in a variety of situations including a long soak, carpet cleaning, wash booster, and toilet cleaner. The powder contains only four ingredients: sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate, citric acid, and pure lemon essential oil. The essential oil lends itself to a wonderful, clean lemon scent. 

I used the Oxygen Whitener both as a laundry booster and long soak. As the laundry booster, there was no distinguishable change in my clothes, except the fresh scent. However, the long soak worked miracles on my heavily soiled sweatshirt which was covered in black, sooty paw prints from my dog and had already gone through several cycles in the washer. I soaked the garment in a large bowl of hot water with the Oxygen Booster and periodically used my hands to squeeze the mixture through the fabric. After soaking the sweatshirt overnight, I was both relieved and excited to find my sweatshirt was squeeky clean. If you are in the need of an all-natural laundry product that helps eliminate hard water minerals and difficult stains, soaking your beloved garments Molly's Suds Oxygen Whitener is a great option. 

May 10, 2016

One universal goal in the beauty community is to achieve luscious, voluminous eyelashes and brows. This ideal can be difficult to obtain when applying eye makeup on a daily basis which can cause the hair to become brittle and break more easily. With an array of products on the market, and many that contain chemicals, finding an all-natural, cruelty-free lash rejuvenator can be rather difficult.

I Am Selfcare Skincare provides high-quality, all-natural skincare with accompanying positive affirmations. Not only do the products make your skin look radiant, but you feel good on the inside from reading the messages. One such product, I Am Voluptuous, is the brand's lash and brow rejuvenator and comes with the statement "I am sensual, generous, prolific, and abundant." The packaging instantly provides positivity and brightens the mood. The product itself comes in a tube with a rollerball, which makes daily application clean and simple. The rejuvenator is full of natural, high-potency ingredients, which promotes thicker, fuller brows, and longer, thicker lashes. Ingredients include sea kelp, an abundance of plant extracts and oils, and beneficial acids. After applying this product to my lashes and brows every night, they feel much more nourished and healthy. Additionally, my eyebrows have grown noticably thicker in a few areas which used to be sparce. Since my eyelashes are fairly short and have endured the application of growth impeding products over the years, seeing lengthening results may take a bit longer in that area. Overall, this product is a wonderful addition to any beauty routine, whether it be minimal or high maintenance. It helps rehab your brows and lashes after a long day of being covered in cosmetics or simply a way to show that part of your face a little extra TLC.

May 03, 2016

Crystal Deodorant was one of the first brands that made their name in the all-natural, cruelty-free deodorant community. The original formation, which is still available, is a salt crystal rock which is utilized by lightly wetting and applying to the underarms. Overtime, Crystal has branched out to include roll-on and spray formulas.

One of their newer lines is the Crystal Essence Roll-On formula. While the original formula is unscented, Essence comes in a variety of fresh fragrances including pomegranate, chamomile and green tea, lavender and white tea, and the newest scent, vanilla jasmine. The formula glides on the skin and leaves a lightly fragrant layer of salt crystals, which protect against natural odor. It leaves the skin soft and smooth with freshness that lasts all day. The scents are very versatile and appeal to a wide variety of individuals. The vanilla green tea has a summery scent with a zest similar to that of lime, while pomegranate is sweet and fruity. Crystal is a wonderful company to look into for all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free deodorant.

April 26, 2016

Shaving gel is synonymous with commericals of freshly showered women coming out of the shower with soft, smooth skin. Since these commercials often advertise non-cruelty-free brands, one may assume that the only way to get a smooth shave is with one of these products. However, there are an abundance of high quality, cruelty-free, all natural shaving products available for the compassionate consumer to enjoy.

Surya Brasil is a Leaping Bunny certified lifestyle brand that creates a wide variety of personal care products including henna color, hair care, skin care, and cosmetics. Amongst their body care is the Sapien Women's Shave Gel. It contains exotic organic Amazonian ingredients including cupuacu butter, pracaxi oil, macadamia oil, aloe vera juice, and Vitamin E. Additionally, it is free of BHT, EDTA, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and synthetic fragrance. The result is a gel that applies super smooth on the skin and provides the perfect surface for shaving. The formula is very hydrating and perfect for sensitive skin. Although the website says the scent is a tropical mix of coconut and mango, I smell more of a citrus fragrance, which is very lovely. This shave gel is a great addition to your everyday shaving routine.

April 19, 2016

HAN Skin Care Cosmetics is a Leaping Bunny certified company that is dedicated to providing the purest, highest quality, and natural color cosmetics available. Their name, an acronym for Healthy and Natural, echoes the mission perfectly. All of their products are free of parabens, artificial preservatives and colorants, instead using Vitamin E and antioxidant rich plant, vegetable, and fruit pigments, and pure minerals.

A great example of HANSCC's natural, fruit and vegetable pigmented cosmetics is their pressed blush. Made with ingredients you know how to read, pronounce, and envision, this makeup is all-natural. These ingredients include extracts from acai, pomegranate, blueberry, cranberry, green tea, sea kelp, and carrot. The blush is also free of talc, an ingredient which some individuals prefer to avoid in their cosmetics. There are three shades- baby pink (pictured above), strawberry pink, and coral candy. These blushes apply very smooth, providing a natural glow to the skin. The color can be built up depending on how heavy handed you are with the application. They are a great addition to any all-natural beauty routine as well as individuals wanting to experiment with chemical-free cosmetics.