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avant (adj) french - before; atlas (noun) greek - in mythology, a titan who held up the heavens ... take care of yourself before you take on the world. authentic minimalism: each product has fewer ingredients to enhance your skincare routine + fit the lifestyle you are designing — with every material thoughtfully and purposefully selected. skincare designed for everyone. slow skincare: with the french pharmacy vibe in mind, each product is intimately made-to-order in a sterile environment to minimize overproduction and maximize shelf life. sustainability: minimal, ethically sourced ingredients means each one has a purpose, and minimal packaging means everything can be repurposed. rose quartz energy: each product contains a tiny rose quartz to inspire love, self care, healing, and general ease + bliss of life — and to keep when the product is finished. matcha: the star of every product — incredible benefits when consumed, as well as applied topically.
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