byu-dih-fuhl Skin and Body Works


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Countries this brand distributes/sells in

  • US
  • Mexico

Products Sold

  • Body Care
  • Face Care
  • Hair Care
  • Men's Products
  • Shampoo/Conditioner

Company Info

Certified since

Brand Description

Our mission is to sell high end skin / body care products that are natural, non toxic or allergic and free of animal testing to customers in Seattle and in Cabo Mexico. We want to cater to our customers who do not wish to spend super high prices and have confidence in the safety and ethicality of our products.

Where can consumers purchase this brand?
Company Website
Specialized Online Only Store (e.g. Thrive, Dermstore, iHerb, Vitacost)
My house
Spa, Salon
Specialty Boutiques, Gift Shop, Garden Shop
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