Kosas Cosmetics


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Countries this brand distributes/sells in

  • US
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • European Union
  • New Zealand US Territories

Products Sold

  • Color Cosmetics
  • Lip Care
  • Deodorant

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Brand Description

Kosas was founded in 2015 by Sheena Yaitanes. A life-long beauty devotee, she was introduced to cosmetics at a young age by her mother, who worked in the industry. Yaitanes’s fascination with makeup and artistic expression lead her to study chemistry and painting. Combining her passions lead her to create Kosas, a collection of elevated products for women who love makeup as much as she does.Kosas is makeup that lifts you up, and won’t let you down. Each forward-thinking formula is brought to life with active botanicals balanced by strategic, safe synthetics to deliver next level performance with smooth finishes and even textures. Yaitanes approaches color like a painter: First, she mixes a complex base color, then she creates an optical blend. The result? Colors that take on beautiful new dimensions against a range of skin tones in the real world. The collection is edited down to the essentials, keeping it easy to understand, intuitive to use, and endlessly enjoyable, every time.

Where can consumers purchase this brand?
Specialty Beauty Store (e.g. Sephora, Ulta, Bluemercury)