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Moss Botanicals is the messenger of integrity, balance, and healing. Each blend combines science and intuition to bring you a product that reveals the essence of the individual through their most powerful sense…the sense of smell. Moss Botanicals blends organic essential oils from sources that honor the plants and the people involved in their growing and distillation process. There are no synthetics, preservatives, or fragrances. Every bottle is hand poured in an intimate atmosphere with intention. We believe that the simplicity in all things supports the complexity of living in the world today. It is our mission to share with you this understanding through the aromatic journey. We love what we do and our intention is to grow and give back in a way that transforms the existing structure of resource management for the future generations. Experience our aromatic mists and body roll-ons they will leave a lasting impression on your soul.
Where can consumers purchase this brand?
Specialized Grocery Store (e.g. Whole Foods, Mom's Organic Market)