103 Collection


A new brand of beard, hair & skin care founded by a husband and wife, Delfondo & Melinda Herron. 103 Collection is unique with a full offering of vegan lifestyle products for both men & women.

Our goal is to provide consumers with healthy lifestyle products that are paraben, phthalate, SLS, and cruelty-free. With a growing base in the United States and abroad, 103 Collection has customers in Paris, Kuwait, and Africa and is on the road to becoming a global brand. With this success, we were able to see a 52% increase in sales. Our top sellers are Beard Care and Skin Care. This growth has captured the interest of Sheen Magazine, Txture Magazine, Made Magazine, Curly Nikki and retail partners such as Erewhon, Amazon, The Onyx Shop, Pampered & Twisted and Hattache.

Personal care: 
Face Care
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