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We're a capsule collection of clean, chic bath and body care products designed to give you a no-compromise beauty experience that fits seamlessly into your beauty routine. We've taken a thoughtful approach to skincare, such as acknowledging basic skin chemistry needs like the acidity of the skin mantle and botanical extracts that provide optimum skin food, when creating our formulas. The result? We’ve made body care efficacious and easy so you can use us anytime, anywhere. So drop and swap your drugstore faves for our luxuriously formulated, multi-tasking, oh-so-velvety beauty basics.
When you choose 1'Lux Beauty, you'll never feel like the only skin care options are chemical-laden cosmetics. Those products are built on a fast food beauty philosophy with cheap ingredients to keep costs low. We're a compassionate beauty line that seeks to reveal your beauty to the world without sacrificing our furry friends. Soft skin. For everyone. For every body.

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Approved by PETA Caring Consumer as Cruelty Free
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