ALCHEMY Skin Care by amanda lane


ALCHEMY Skin Care™
Motto: Living Your Best Life, toxic free™
We are a Mother-Daughter business. We have 3 Skin Care Products: Wildcrafted Face Cleanser, Rose Hydrosol Spritzer, Illuminate Face Serum. Amanda Lane Inc. was created in 2010 starting with home decor items. We began product development in 2015, to fill a need while looking for non-toxic, organic, clean beauty and gentle skin care products to address Rebecca's skin issues while going through chemo treatment. Through cancer, we literally discovered beauty. We encourage the promotion of self care and a healthy lifestyle. We believe skin care should not be complicated so we've kept it simple, quick and effective. We formulate in small batches to insure our products freshness from field to manufacturer. We support the planet by using ingredients that are sourced naturally from the earth, that are eco-friendly and sustainable. Our products span the generations, gentle enough for a baby's skn on through to a mature adult.

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