April 2020 - Cruelty-Free At-Home Salon Alternatives for you!

Cruelty-Free At-Home Salon Alternatives for you!

Dear Compassionate Consumer,

We hope you are faring well during this unprecedented time. Leaping Bunny continues to run smoothly, each employee working safely at home, while maintaining our mission to be your most trusted guide to cruelty-free shopping.

As the weeks turn into months, we know many of you are looking for pick-me-ups to help curb the disappointment from not being able to visit your local hair or nail salon. Luckily, we have you covered with some of our favorite pampering products to create a spa day in your very own home.

We are also pleased to present you with a roundup of all the companies that did and did not recommit to our Program in 2019. In case you didn’t know, Leaping Bunny requires all certified companies to “recommit” on an annual basis, to ensure they remain in compliance with our Standard. See if your favorites made the cut below.

Finally, this month, we shout out some of our recently certified brands and interview the well-known (and certified!) nail care brand, ORLY. Please be sure to read through to the end for a great variety of exclusive deals from Carera Organix, Coural Care, FYVE, Go Gal Green, Make & Mary, OSEA, and Pleni Naturals.

For the animals,

Caitlin McGrother
Leaping Bunny Program Administrator


At Home

As we are closing in on Week 7 of the “stay at home” life, we are betting you are, too. Like us, you’re probably missing a trip to the salon for a color refresh, a mani/pedi, or a facial. No need to feel out of sorts and ungroomed; the gals at Leaping Bunny have great cruelty-free options for you to take advantage of in your own home! We have you covered from all angles, except for cutting your own hair, which we do not recommend unless you feel extremely confident in rocking an asymmetrical, choppy style. In that case, we greatly admire you. Read on!

ACURE Brightening Under Eye Supergreens Hydrogels

As I approach my mid-30’s, the under-eye area has become more of a focus in my skin care routine. Since I have naturally dark undereye circles, I need all the help I can get to keep them from looking even more tired. Enter under eye hydrogels, the one product I never knew I needed until I started using. ACURE’s Brightening Under Eye Supergreens Hydrogels are infused with supercharged ingredients including aloe juice, caffeine, ginseng extract, kale extract, and green tea extract. The hydrogels stay in place under my eyes, and I may even wear them while I work from home! They also feel so cooling and invigorating that I find myself keeping them on longer than the recommended 15-20 minutes. One thing is for sure, once I remove them, the skin under my eyes is brighter and depuffed, and I feel happier, too. —Caitlin

Grace & Stella Dead Sea Mud Mask

Under normal circumstances, it is hard for me to find the time to do an at-home face mask. But now, I look for any excuse to give myself some extra pampering. Although I typically avoid mud masks because they often create more mess than they are worth, the Grace & Stella Dead Sea Mud Mask has totally changed my mind. The formula is super smooth and applies evenly on the skin. Whereas most mud masks dry unevenly, this one defied my expectations and dried velvety smooth. When I removed the mask, it was not messy at all and did not leave goops or globs on my washcloth or in my sink. Afterwards, my skin was bright, clean, and radiant. What more can you ask from a mud mask? —Caitlin

Madam Glam Lilac Pursuit Gel Polish

Gel manicures are one of many things in the self-care category that people long for these days. Thankfully, Madam Glam offers fabulous products to make gel manicures at home a possibility. After taking on some projects around the house, my nails (and my well-being) definitely needed a pick-me-up, so I busted out the nail dryer and set up my portable salon. This vegan, 9-free, gluten-free, and of course, cruelty-free, polish offers quite an extensive line of colors. I chose Lilac Pursuit, which is a beautiful pastel shade that reminds me that spring is still in the air, despite these crazy times. Check them out, and see which shade resonates with you. The days of pining for your gel manicures are over! —Maria

Madison Reed Home Color

If you are someone that colors your hair, you are probably more than ready to visit your salon right about now. But due to COVID-19, it’s likely yours is closed. Most hairdressers do NOT recommend lightening your hair on your own (especially if you’re going from dark to blonde), but there’s no reason you can’t play with some color or do root touch ups. Leaping Bunny certified company Madison Reed makes this process super easy and convenient. Their products are formulated with natural ingredients that nourish your hair rather than the harsh chemicals typically found in hair dyes. They send you everything you need in your kit and give you free shipping on your first order. Visit www.madisonreed.com to find the perfect shade for you! —Kim



We are happy to report that the majority of our companies successfully completed the 2019 recommitment process! Click on the link below to see the complete list of companies that recommitted to our Program (as well as the ones that did not recommit and were removed from our list). Please note that the most up-to-date list of certified companies remains our Brand Page and is the best resource for our complete list of approved brands.


New Companies

We are so grateful that during this unprecedented time, when priorities may shift, companies continue to find the time and energy to commit to being cruelty-free. Please check out some of our most recently certified brands below and be sure to click on their links to learn more.

Allison’s Artisan Goods
Purpose-driven personal care company focusing on vegan, handmade, and sustainable products, which also donates 10% of proceeds to benefit housing and hunger in Orange County, CA.

Bath care company providing products to encourage a ritualistic self-care routine.

Skincare, body care, and menstrual care that celebrates womanhood.

All-natural self-care products with a variety of face and under eye masks infused with 24K gold.

Earth Tu Face
Personal care products created in California and formulated by herbalists.

Skincare that features a transformative blend of natural ingredients to even skin tone and fade dark spots.

Juniper & Pine Organics
Clean, effective, and plant-based skincare for all skin types created to nurture your natural beauty.

Leaf People Skin Care
Botanically focused skincare formulated by a medical herbalist.

CBD wellness company formulated to restore, relieve, rebalance, and nurture the body.

LOL Nail Lacquer
Vegan-friendly, 10-free nail polish offering a full colorful experience.

Mother-daughter founded business offering a wide variety of vegan products for the entire family.

Lipstick company using “Nature’s Cues” combined with their specially developed App to find your perfect shade.

Papa & Barkley Essentials
Personal care products infused with hemp-derived CBD and created as a “Releaf” for your body.

Ralphie and Alice
Organic personal care products with an emphasis on lip color and care.

Salon quality body, hair, and skin care, created by a salon professional.

The Shameless Skin Co
Simple, natural, and effective beauty products.


When Orly became certified in 2019, we were so happy and excited. With wide distribution, including to nail salons, where the cruelty-free options may be few and far between, Orly makes choosing cruelty-free even easier! Kim and Caitlin visited Orly’s Colorlab, located in Los Angeles, in January, and fell even more in love with the company’s playful, yet professional vibe, and its ability to adapt over the years while still maintaining its strong foundation. Please enjoy our interview with Orly’s Senior Marketing Manager, Morgan Murayama, below for the story behind the brand’s creation, what makes Orly different from other nail care companies, and an interesting fact!

What was the inspiration behind the creation of ORLY?
Jeff Pink founded ORLY in 1975 after owning a beauty supply company in Los Angeles. He sought to create and offer solutions to common nail problems. Two of his early products were Romeo, an instant brush-on nail wrap to mend broken nails unlike anything that had been on the market previously, and the still iconic French Manicure, created to minimize the need to change actress’ nail color on set between scenes. Since then, ORLY has been dedicated to providing high quality, innovative products and formulas.

What is ORLY’s mission?
ORLY’s mission is to create products that empower individuals to express themselves through color and innovation in nail care.

What is your favorite ORLY nail color and professional product?
My personal favorite color is Secondhand Jade – it’s a deep green shade that looks almost black, I wear it year-round. I also love Bodyguard, a professional product that is used during a gel manicure to add volume and protection to naturally thin nails.

What is ORLY’s most popular nail color and product line?
One of our top selling shades is ‘Turn It Up,’ a multi-colored confetti polish that is truly a party in a bottle. Our best-selling product line is our Breathable line, a 1-step nail color and treatment that eliminates the need for a base or topcoat and delivers a long wearing, salon quality manicure.

What makes ORLY different from other cruelty-free nail color brands?
ORLY is a family owned, vertically integrated company. Our product development and manufacturing are done in-house at our Los Angeles headquarters.

If someone has never used any ORLY products before, where would you suggest they begin?
For someone new to ORLY I would suggest trying out our Breathable line for an easy, one step application. For people who enjoy the longer self-care process of an at home manicure, I would recommend our Bonder Basecoat, any of our colors (our neon shades are particularly popular for their pigmentation), and our Polishield topcoat.

What has been the most rewarding part of creating/working for ORLY?
Seeing new products launch is incredibly rewarding. We released a collection in partnership with Warner Brothers/DC’s Birds of Prey film early this year and that was very exciting to see come together and be so well received. Plus, I’ve always been a nail polish enthusiast and I can only imagine the reaction my younger self would have knowing that (part of) my job is naming nail polish.

Are all of ORLY’s products vegan?
Yes, we have reformulated our non-vegan products and as of 2019 all of our products are vegan. We previously had two nail treatments that contained keratin and silk. Both have been reformulated, you can find a vegan icon on the packaging that indicates you’re purchasing the new, vegan formula.

Why is being Leaping Bunny certified important to ORLY?
The Leaping Bunny certification is important to us because it gives credibility to our commitment to be a cruelty-free company. We have always been cruelty-free but understand that customers look for the support of a third-party organization, especially Leaping Bunny.

What is something unique about ORLY that others may not know?
We have a Chief Canine Officer—our VP of Business Development, Tal Pink, rescued Chip about a year and a half ago and he comes to the office every day. We’re all missing him as we’re working remotely.

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