August 2019 - Our CBD picks plus Cosmoprof Roundup

Dear Compassionate Consumer,

Happy August! As the summer begins to wind down, we cannot believe how action packed the last couple of months have been for Leaping Bunny! We have been certifying more companies than ever before; check out some of our most recent additions to the Program below.

We have also been traveling and meeting really amazing brands. In late July, we went to Las Vegas for CosmoProf North America and met nearly 100 companies! Be sure to read our recap below.

Also included in this month’s e-newsletter are some of our favorite Leaping Bunny certified products that contain the trendy ingredient, hemp-derived CBD. We end with a Spotlight Interview with Aunt Fannies, which makes some really amazing probiotic-infused household cleaning products. Be sure to scroll to the end for an exclusive promo with SolarDerm.

For the animals,

Caitlin McGrother
Leaping Bunny Program Administrator

What’s the deal with CBD?

If you have been paying attention to the cosmetics and personal care market in the last year, you know that the inclusion of CBD in products has skyrocketed. It is supposed to help with a wide range of ailments, including pain, inflammation, and anxiety, just to mention a few (The Food & Drug Administration isn’t so sure however; they have posted a helpful Q&A here).

Meanwhile, seemingly everyone has jumped on the CBD bandwagon and has begun using the ingredient wherever possible. Here at Leaping Bunny headquarters, we enjoy following the current trends and testing them out ourselves. Below are some of our current favorite products that happen to contain CBD. Please note, that the CBD in these products is derived from hemp, which has been on the market for years and is THC-free, non-psychoactive, and completely legal.

CannaSmack Healing Balm

Regardless of the season, I am always battling dry hands, specifically in the cuticle area. I do have Raynaud's Syndrome; it's an ongoing struggle (and added challenge) for my hands to look and feel normal. Trying CANNASMACK'S Lemongrass and Frankincense Healing Balm was a great move. The balm is well blended, so it's not too waxy, not too oily...and the clean and fruity scent of lemongrass is right up my alley! This is definitely the type of product I seek out and keep close. It's perfect for using overnight as well. If having dry hands is all too familiar, this is an excellent- and vegan-option for you! —Maria

Humble Brands CBD All Natural Deodorant

We are constantly impressed with Humble Brand’s deodorant. From the short list of ingredients, to the amazing scents (Well, hello there, Palo Santo, Frankincense, and Vanilla!), to leaving us feeling fresh and clean all day, this brand’s deodorant is the real deal. For individuals interested in incorporating CBD into their personal care routine, this CBD infused deodorant is perfect for you! It has all the attributes of the Humble Brands deodorant that we know and love with the added benefit of CBD to absorb directly into your underarms. —Caitlin

Shikai Borage CBD Cream

As an individual with dry, sensitive skin who also enjoys vigorous physical activity, the Shikai Borage CBD Cream has been serving a dual purpose with each application. The combination of jojoba seed oil, avocado oil, and aloe vera gel help to nourish and moisturize my skin. The addition of borage seed oil and CBD hemp isolate is intended to help reduce inflammation after strenuous workouts. I also love that this product is vegan and gluten-, phthalate-, paraben-, and SLS-free, attributes which are non-negotiables for me. —Caitlin


At the end of July, Leaping Bunny traveled to Las Vegas to attend CosmoProf North America. We caught up with a bunch of our cruelty-free companies as well as met with new brands interested in becoming Leaping Bunny certified. In total, we saw close to 100 companies in two days(!) and shared highlights from the event via Instagram Stories. (Be sure to follow us on Instagram, if you aren’t already!) It was so wonderful meeting some of our newer certified companies for the first time, including Lashes in a Box, Many Ethnicities, RAINCRY, and Skin Buzz. We also met D’Andra Simmons, founder of recently certified brand Hard Night Good Morning, and learned that she is a “Real Housewife” from The Real Housewives of Dallas! She was super fun and we loved learning more about her life on, and off, camera. Since the show, we have followed up with companies interested in our Program and have already certified exciting brands including Azure, O’o Hawaii, and REUZEL! CosmoProf is a huge event and we are so grateful for the opportunity to spread the word and connect with so many companies about cruelty-free consumerism.

New Companies

The “dog days” of summer may be hot and humid, but they are not sleepy and boring. We have been super busy certifying so many companies! Check out our list below from some of our recent additions and be sure to visit our Online Shopping Guide for a complete, up-to-date list.

Aether Beauty Co
Crystal-infused, vegan cosmetics in sustainable packaging.

Airelle Skincare
Skincare utilizing essential oils.

Hair care with a passion to make #HairStrong.

Beekman 1802
Soap and skin care from an upstate New York farm.

Bee Good Do Good
Lip balms made from Fair Trade shea butter and specialty Haitian beeswax from a company that partners with farmers in Moreau, Haiti to create innovative solutions for soil erosion and deforestation.

Brow pencils created to enhance natural beauty with a precision, angled tip; offered in eight shades.

Vegan, non-toxic, and 10-free nail care brand created for expressing yourself through color, without compromising quality, performance, health, or vibrancy.

Charcoal & Rose Petals
Hand-made, all-natural bath and body products.

Hair care formulated for curly hair and sulfate, silicone, and paraben-free.

Ellen Lange Skin Science
At home skin peel developed by a medical esthetician.

Skincare and cosmetics brand of Stella & Dot.

Good Nature Essentials
Handmade, 100% organic personal care products made for the entire family.

Humboldt Soap Company
Soap made for all skin types and with fun and exciting scents; handcrafted in Humboldt County, California.

Temporary tattoo brand using semi-permanent tattoo technology for tattoos that look real and last 1-2 weeks.

Miles of Moisture
Organic, vegan skincare company that is “floral and botanical care for your body.”

Nightshift Wax Company
Plant-powered fragrance inspired by the natural beauty found on our planet.

Non-toxic, ethical, and sustainable botanical body care.

Petal and Plant
Plant-based CBD personal care products, infused with essential oils and pure hemp CBD.

WC Tonics
Toilet paper spray to keep you extra fresh and clean.

Aunt Fannie’s

Last month, we featured Aunt Fannie’s probiotic-infused household products in our E-News Company Corner. So, we thought it would be perfect to follow up this month with a Company Spotlight Interview! We are super excited to interview Chancy Lanier; she is the Senior Marketing Manager of Aunt Fannie’s and has been with the company for four years. Read below to learn the story behind the company’s inception, what makes their products different, and the story behind the name!

What was the inspiration behind the creation of Aunt Fannie’s?
Aunt Fannie’s founder, Mat Franken, never set out to be an entrepreneur or a health crusader. When his son turned two, he suddenly went from a healthy, happy toddler to a “mess,” with mysterious allergies and health effects including eczema, asthma and vitiligo. Nothing seemed to help, and led to many doctors, many specialists and Mat’s own necessary quest for answers. His son’s immune system was in overdrive. This gave Mat a new understanding of autoimmune issues and a re-assessment of everything, from their food choices to household products, including the “natural” ones. That’s when he started taking a hard look into the chemicals used in household products.

Our goal is not just to create products that don’t have the “evil” ingredient of the moment or that just smell better. We want to make products that are truly good for us and for the job at hand. It’s high time to elevate healthier housekeeping to its rightful place as daily acts of intention and care. So our products work, work well and feel good.

What is Aunt Fannie’s mission?
Our mission is to create wellness from the outside in, creating truly healthy products to take care of our homes, ourselves and our loved ones.

Can you explain what “microcosmic” means and how it is used in your products?
Microcosmic is a response to the over-sanitized, harsh “clean” we’ve been sold since the 20th century. The old way often goes too far, wiping out the good with the bad. Like your gut, your home has a microbiome, too. This invisible world of microbes is the operating system of life here on earth. We work with nature instead of against it, and know that how we care for homes impacts the wellness of the Earth. Yes, it’s a microcosm! Our Microcosmic complex specifically is a combination of probiotics and plant-based cleaners that add good into your home and personal environments vs. stripping everything away.

What is your favorite Aunt Fannie’s product and why?
Right this second: Our Microcosmic hand soap. The essential oils smell incredible and it just makes us smile each time we use it, between the happy package and the big, fluffy suds.

What has been the most rewarding part of creating Aunt Fannie’s?
The fantastic people we’ve been lucky enough to meet and learn from along the way, be they on our team, our customers, our retailers, other founders. It’s a great, diverse and ever-evolving group that keeps us inspired and learning which are our favorite things to do.

Your branding is so playful and fun! Is there a story behind your packaging and designs?
Thank you! We know that cleaning and dealing with bugs aren’t everyone’s favorite things to do. We wanted to bring a little joy and energy to the process. And if you love cleaning, we hope you identify with that can-do feeling. Our pattern also reflects the story of what is in our products and why we’re here - a healthy, thriving home.

Are all of Aunt Fannie’s products vegan?

Why is being Leaping Bunny certified important to Aunt Fannie’s?
We truly believe in the connectedness of all living things on this planet, from you or me to a microbe to a rabbit to a rose. Just as we no longer need harsh chemicals to clean a counter, the science has moved past any need for animal testing. We’re here to make life better, not more harsh.

What is something unique about Aunt Fannie’s that others may not know?
The name Aunt Fannie’s is inspired by our founder’s grandma. It’s an homage to those who get it and get it done, the roll-up-your-sleeves type who takes on tough work with no complaints.

Where can consumers find Aunt Fannie’s products?,, select Whole Foods, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Safeway.

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