Be Free by Danielle Fishel


The purpose of Be Free is to give people a reliable option for healthy and effective hair care. You should know what you’re putting into and on your body, but the natural hair care options you have been given have sacrificed efficacy. WE ARE HERE TO PROVE YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SACRIFICE ONE FOR THE OTHER.

Be Free from stressing over reading every label, or not having a product that works like it should. We've done all the research so you can Be Free to do other things.

Be Free by Danielle Fishel. Your go-to for guilt-free hair care.

No Harsh Chemicals

Free of sodium chloride
Free of sulfate
Free of phosphate
Free of gluten
Free of parabens
Free of phthalates
Free of fragrance
Color safe
Made in the USA

Personal care: 
Hair Care
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United States
Animal ingredients: