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At Bella Vida Santa Barbara, our mission is to help everyone feel beautiful inside and out. Our motto is "Beauty Begins Inside". When you feel healthy and at peace, it radiates from your heart and into the world.

Skincare begins with being hydrated on the inside and flushing toxins from your body to reveal clear, beautiful skin. Founded by Santa Barbara lover Erin Schmidt, we want to bring the Santa Barbara beach life home to you.

At Bella Vida SB, we care deeply about animals, the environment and helping save the oceans and planet since we live right by the beach. We strive to reduce Plastics in both our product containers and packaging, using items like our Custom Tote Bags or Cosmetic Pouches to hold our beauty products instead of plastic bags. By reducing plastics, we are helping save our environment and prevent plastics from harming sea life in the oceans. All of our Products are Natural, mostly Organic, Vegan and always Cruelty-Free.

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