Body Be Silk Face + Body Care

We cannot get enough of the amazing skin and body care products from Body Be Silk. The Kopi Jawa Coffee & Black Lava Salt exfoliant smells so delicious and decadent, you want to eat it with a spoon. The combination of ground coffee beans, dead sea salt, cane sugar, and cinnamon are both luxurious as well as pampering on the skin. Working in conjunction with a variety of plant oils, your skin is left soft, exfoliated, and moisturized.

The Floriferous Vapeur Steam is a a dried bouquet of rose petals, chamomile, lavender, mint, jasmine, violets, gardenias, blue cornflower, and essential oils, which, when added to hot water, create a lavish facial steam that opens pores and hydrates the face.

Not only do we love the products themselves, but we also appreciate the glass containers that are versatile for repurposing after the product is gone. Check out Body Be Silk here.