Bosom Couture


Bosom Couture® was created to offer a woman the beautiful potential of wearing what she wants with confidence, no matter her shape or size.
From R & D to final product production, nothing less than a stringent manufacturing acumin is accepted; No Animal Testing, Patented, Certified Allergy Tested, Made In USA, Female Owned.
Built on a foundation of inclusion, Bosom Couture® embraces the celebration of diversity and is committed to redefining the perception of true beauty and body image. Bosom Couture® provides a solution to an existing problem. For every woman, every wardrobe.
Bosom Couture Boob Glue® is a clear adhesive roll-on that instantly enhances the appearance of the breasts, by keeping them lifted up and securely in place in fashion. Created by a woman for women, with more than three decades of beauty industry experience, the brands inspiration and product innovation stems from the belief that a women's breast size, should not have to dictate the styles she wears.

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Certified Allergy Tested
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