Bossy Cosmetics Inc.


We are a mission-driven color cosmetics company that seeks to amplify the efforts of non-profit organizations actively promoting social change to advance the human rights of women and girls around the world.

In deciding to found Bossy Cosmetics, we were pretty intentional about building a business that put its stakeholders first. For us, stakeholders range from our employees to customers to women and girls in our communities to our shareholders and to the environment in which we operate by ensuring that we adhere to the best industry practices and aspire to exceed them.

Being a mission-driven company is an integral part of our DNA and we've always described our core philosophy around the following three guiding principles:

Selling gorgeous and ethically-made color cosmetics for people of all hues and genders;
Sharing stories of courageous and amazing women whose voices we want to support in amplifying ;
Partnering with credible non-profits in their social advocacy

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