Boyzz Only Shampoo + Conditioner

Today's blogpost has been written and reviewed by our male co-worker.


I have used the Boyzz Only ‘No Nonsense’ shampoo and conditioner for the past week. Overall, I am pleased with the results – my hair seems not only clean, but smooth and manageable. With many hair care products that I have used, my scalp tends to get a bit itchy – this has not been the case with these Boyzz Only products. The shampoo has a consistency similar to shaving cream (so, more like conditioner); however, it lathers and rinses very well. I think I also detected a very slight tingling, which is nice. The conditioner has a very slight texture to it, which is fine. Like the shampoo, it also rinses out very easily. Both the shampoo and conditioner are fragrance free – any scent is negligible and barely discernible. The products are free of all the usual garbage ingredients, as well as being vegan and gluten-free. I’m not familiar with EWG Certification, but it seems interesting and valuable:


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