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1. We use only all natural and consciously sourced essential oils and non-GMO, vegan & gluten-free ingredients (organic when available) in all our products. Ingredients you recognize and can trust, pronounce and see!
2. We specialize in products for healthy, active people who need products they can rely on to work when they need it most.
3. We are empowering and educating every body to make small changes in all areas of their lives to live healthier and question what they put ONTO their bodies.
3. We are taking care of the planet – cruelty free and packaged in recyclable materials.
4. We make all our products in small handcrafted batches in Canada and put great care into the high quality of each product yet keeping them affordable.
5. You don’t have to sacrifice having products that ACTUALLY WORK to have safe and non-toxic products at Clean Kiss Organics.

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