DĒAWY is a direct-to-consumer brand focused on premium plant-based therapeutics. Our mission is simple: use high quality natural ingredients to upgrade the quality of the everyday self-care routine. Our first round of products feature CBD, a potent phyto-derivative. CBD can help repair skin integrity, reduce swelling, calm rosacea, treat wounds, alleviate irritation, and help with a myriad of skin ailments. DĒAWY is committed to ensuring our ingredients are organic, non-toxic, not derived from animals, and NEVER tested on animals. We are committed to reducing single use plastic in the beauty industry by setting an example and creating a platform for returning and sterilizing our packaging for reuse. We apply maximum effort to ensure each piece of DĒAWY is well thought out, before the consumer, as well as after. We want to ensure each ingredient going into our products are safe and each container is not creating another burden on our precious eco-system.

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