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Dr. Maria Sylma Tweed is a pediatrician, wife, and mother of 3. Our story begins with love and concern for my kids and my young patients. As parents, we searched for skincare products safe enough to use on our kids’ delicate skin, and couldn’t find one we trusted. As a pediatrician, I knew my patients’ parents had similar worries about product safety and their children’s health. Childhood skin issues like eczema, rashes, and extra-dry sensitive skin, are so common these days. Many parents had real concerns about what to use on their children’s skin. I realized there was a real need for quality skincare for babies and children. So, I decided to make a better line of skincare products with certified organic ingredients that parents could trust. That’s when Dr. Sylma was born.
At Dr. Sylma, we create healthy products for healthy families. Our products are packed with wholesome, certified organic, non-toxic ingredients – soothing skincare you can trust on your family’s skin.

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