Driftless Skincare, LLC


Constant exposure to pollution and synthetic ingredients in our daily products takes a toll on our skin. At Driftless Skincare, LLC we use only essential oils along with the highest quality natural butters and oils to create our soaps, serums, toners, and creams, making them the perfect everyday luxury. Because of our own allergy concerns, our ingredient lists are 100% transparent; nothing is hidden. All of our products are free from both formaldehyde and artificial fragrances.

The lip balms and cuticle balm is packaged in plastic containers simply because most people carry those products in their pockets or purse.

The lotion bars are in a recyclable metal tin.

All other products, excluding soap, are packaged in glass containers with metal lids for easy recycling or reuse.

Soaps are labeled with recycled kraft paper, usually grocery bags. Half of the soaps are made with Goat's Milk and the remaining are Vegan. All soaps are 100% Palm Free.

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