Fivesso Coffee Soap Bars - Made with Organic Ingredients

Fivesso Premium Coffee Soaps contain coffee grounds that gently exfoliate your skin while you shower. Our coffee soaps have no harsh chemicals, such as artificial fragrances and dyes. They come in three scents that add a sense of freshness to your shower experience. By using Fivesso body soaps daily, you will experience a softer and smoother skin.

All Fivesso organic soaps are certified organic and are handmade in the USA.

Benefits of Fivesso Organic Coffee Soaps:
• Exfoliating coffee grounds gently remove dead skin
• Helps reduce cellulite temporarily
• Organic oils moisturize and make your skin smoother
• No synthetic fragrances, additives, dyes, or preservatives
• Made with organic coffee beans that were selected specifically for their aroma
• Contains caffeine and antioxidants which alleviate the appearance of cellulite. Antioxidants are essential vitamins and minerals that promote healthy skin

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