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Our passion is to create the most fun experience a kid can have with their hair, with a focus on doing it using safe and natural ingredients. We take pride in our constant pursuit of innovation, customer service and environmental stewardship to create a product that is healthy, fun, safe, effective & "mom approved". By striving for growth within our product line, distribution and customer satisfaction, we can continue to build value for all of our stakeholders and continue our commitment to deliver the very best Hair Products for the Next Generation™.

Glop & Glam is a family owned company dedicated to delivering healthy, fun and effective alternatives to harsher “adult specific” product lines. We combine Natural and Organic ingredients w/ fun scents to give your hair the very best. Glop & Glam is free from parabens, sulfate, alcohol + vegan & cruelty free, containing natural lice preventative ingredients while maintaining the highest quality standards.

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