HoliFrog is a WASH FIRST Brand. To start, all our time, resources, passion, and pain is focused on this one category. At launch, we do only washes, so we do them really well and take them really seriously.
Frogs Don't Do Toxic. It’s our brand story. Frogs’ skin is so permeable, they literally can’t survive in toxic environments. Our consumers aren’t frogs, but like them, their skin absorbs everything they put on it; toxic or not. Also like them, they can’t deal with toxic environments – or relationships. Every single ingredient that gets absorbed should be clean, effective, non-toxic, and bio-compatible. Even essential oils and fragrances are omitted to not irritate skin. We use nothing toxic or irritating. Our Formulas are made Without : Parabens, SLS, Synthetics, Mineral Oil,PEG's,Silicones many other harsh ingredients.. And never tested on Animals nor contain animal ingredients!

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