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Leader in All-Natural Personal Care
Looking to make a switch to a natural deodorant? With all the options out there, taking the plunge can seem daunting. And how do you know which natural deodorants actually work?
Honestly pHresh’s unique deodorant formula is 100% natural. Our deodorants are aluminum-free, paraben-free and are made without baking soda or other harmful ingredients. Our products are made in the USA, right in California to be exact, out of only the best, all-natural ingredients. Honestly pHresh’s formula delivers 24 hour protection that is unsurpassed by any other natural deodorant on the market. Even better, our products look, feel, and can be applied just like the deodorants you are used to. There is no special prep, detoxing process, or hoops to jump through! So go ahead and sweat! Healthy looks good on you.

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