July 2019 - How to Keep Cool Without Bring Cruel

Dear Compassionate Consumer,

We are in the middle of a heatwave at the Leaping Bunny headquarters, but that hasn’t slowed us down. We have been busy certifying dozens of cruelty-free companies. Read on for the new additions!

We’ve also been indulging in products that make us feel extra cool and are excited to share some of our favorite summer essentials with you in this edition. And, if you’re looking for fresh cruelty-free household cleaning products that are safe AND effective, you are in luck. Learn more about Aunt Fannie’s in this month’s Company Corner.

Finally, we are excited to feature Thrive Causemetics, a recently certified company that gets rave reviews on their color cosmetics in this month’s Company Spotlight, along with a special offer from them.

Be sure to scroll to the end for (so many) exclusive promos from Beauty by Earth, Curology, Instanatural, Refresh Skin Therapy, Sulina Shop, and Thrive Causemetics.

For the animals,

Caitlin McGrother
Leaping Bunny Program Administrator

Summer Essentials

There are so many reasons to love summer: the warm weather and sun shining, the abundance of flowers and greenery, the long daylight hours. So, it’s no wonder the “summer look,” complete with bronzed skin, wind-swept hair, and freckles is so sought after. Check out these summer essentials that will keep you looking cool all year long.

Beauty by Earth Sunless Tanner

As a pale Irish girl, sporting a warm glowing tan is something that I’ve never experienced. I had always wanted to try a self-tanner, but was hesitant due to the questionable ingredients often found in conventional products. Beauty By Earth’s Sunless Tanner changed the game for me. After reviewing the ingredients, I felt safe using it because I could recognize literally every ingredient. The DHA, which is the active ingredient that darkens the skin, is derived from sugar cane! After showering and exfoliating my skin, I applied a light moisturizer to my ankles, knees, elbows, and face. Next, I used a mitt to apply the white self-tanning lotion all over my body, including my face. Since there is no color guard (color added to the product so you can tell where you have applied it to the skin), it takes a bit of precision to make sure you apply it evenly. However, no color guard makes color transfer to clothing and sheets a non-issue. I left the product on overnight while I slept and when I woke up, I was very pleased with the results. My skin had a tanned, sun-kissed glow that looked very natural. Although I did miss a couple areas (mainly the middle of my back), the product is very forgiving. I did not have any streaking that is sometimes typical with self-tanner and it faded very gradually. I am now a self-tanning convert! — Caitlin

Freck The OG

Freckles are a beauty attribute that I always notice on others and often wish I had for myself across the bridge of my nose. I was immediately intrigued with Freck’s OG, which is the perfect product for individuals who want to create or define their own freckles. The small bottle contains a universal burnt sienna liquid with a felt tip applicator that you use to apply your very own custom freckles. The product dries quickly and looks incredibly natural. It is so fun to experiment with different sized freckles and put them in different places. It’s the perfect touch for a sun-kissed face and it pairs especially well with minimal makeup. To say I’m obsessed with putting on my daily freckles would be an understatement. —Caitlin

Nude Envie Perfect Lip Color

If you want just a touch of lip color to complement a summer glow, Nude Envie can definitely help you out! I tried "Perfect" Lip Liner with "Rush" Lipstick, and the combo gave me the exact look I was after- a subtle highlight for the lips. These shades would also be great to even out bold eye makeup. The lipstick goes on soft and stays that way, too. So, grab your white pants, something metallic, and finish it off with one of these colors for that beachy look! —Maria

Aunt Fannie’s Product Corner

Household cleaning is not something most people would look forward to. But Aunt Fannie’s takes this chore to the next level with its innovative formulations and adorable packaging so that cleaning is a breeze. Their products contain probiotics and ingredients that support a health microbiome, which differs from conventional cleaners that aim to “kill” and “disinfect” with chemicals. Vinegar is the star of the show! And, you’ll recognize nearly every other ingredient, too.

Probiotic Power Hand Soap in Mandarin Grove

Aunt Fannie’s Probiotic Power Hand Soap cleans with the power of probiotics. This hand soap is cleansing, but not drying, and the Mandarin Grove scent is bursting with citrus that smells fresh but not overpowering.

Cleaning Vinegars

We are obsessed with this spray! Vinegar has always been one of the best cleaning products out there and Aunt Fannie’s has taken it up a notch with their Cleaning Vinegars. Each product is made of only a handful of natural ingredients, but they pack a punch. Five stars for this one!

Probiotic Power Multi-Surface Cleaner in Mandarin Grove

The Probiotic Power Multi-Surface Cleaner contains the probiotic Lactobacillus, which works in conjunction with plant-based ingredients to keep the surfaces in your home clean. It’s perfect for using on kitchen countertops, and the light Mandarin Grove orange scent it leaves behind is lovely.

New Companies

Our most recently certified companies cover all the bases: skin, hair, household, makeup, and even personal care for new mamas. Check out our list below and be sure to click on their links to learn more. PS: If you are curious if a company is Leaping Bunny certified, visit our online Compassionate Shopping Guide, which is updated on a weekly basis.

Skincare company utilizing clinically proven technology to exfoliate in a gentle yet powerful way while maintaining skin’s natural moisture levels.

Belle en Argent
Luxury, vegan cosmetic brand focusing on lip products.

Coco Caffeinate
Skincare utilizing essential oils.

Sassy cosmetic brand with a focus on creating and embracing the most perfect freckles.

Grace & Stella
Personal care company dedicated to providing products for you to treat and pamper yourself.

Hard Night Good Morning
Aloe Vera based, anti-aging skin care products.

Nontoxic beauty for the mama and mama-to-be.

Helena Lane Skincare
Natural, plant-based skin care.

Honeybee Gardens
Affordable natural cosmetics and body care that is certified gluten-free and vegan.

Cult vegan hair care brand that is free of gluten, parabens, sulfates, and available in Sephora.

Kilted Suds
Bath and body products formulated without palm oil, parabens, and sulfates.

Gender neutral and “2-1” skin care to keep your routine uncomplicated.

Magnesium infused body care, including lotions and deodorant.

Professional and salon quality hair care formulated without parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, gluten, and petroleum.

Household cleaning products that are formulated without toxic chemicals and are safe for the family.

Zeig Labs
All-natural skincare company providing cutting edge anti-aging solutions.

Thrive Causemetics

We were very excited to get to interview Karissa Bodnar, the Founder and CEO of Thrive Causmetics. Her color cosmetics company is not only Leaping Bunny certified, it also donates a portion of the proceeds of every sale to helping women fight cancer, overcome domestic abuse, and mitigate homelessness. Learn more about the founder, this forward-thinking company, and its products below.

What was the inspiration behind the creation of Thrive Causemetics?
I have always been obsessed with makeup and skincare - when I was a kid I made lipstick with crayons and flowers, in college I worked as a makeup artist, and then I went on to work for Clarisonic and L’Oreal in their luxury division. While I was at L’Oreal I lost a close friend to cancer, she was only 24 but truly lived every day to the max. Her zest for life was inspiring, and ultimately was what pushed me to start Thrive Causemetics; a brand that was bigger than just selling beauty products. I wanted to create a brand that stood for something and that would impact people’s lives. I remember thinking ‘if not now, when?’ Every reason why outweighed all of the why not’s...and just like that Thrive Causemetics was born.

What is Thrive Causemetics’ mission?
Everything we do is with the purpose of helping women look and feel their best, and our brand has grown to become so much bigger than beauty. For every product our customers purchase, we make a donation to help a woman overcoming remarkable challenges (like homelessness, domestic violence, and cancer) Thrive.

Thrive Causemetics has had quite a meteoric rise in the indie beauty community. When did the company begin and do you attribute its popularity to any reason in particular?
I started the company in 2015 out of my one-bedroom apartment in Seattle - I actually made my first product in my Vitamix. Our growth has been really grassroots, people love our products but they equally love our mission, and that has made all the difference.

What is your favorite Thrive Causemetics product and why?
That’s like asking someone to pick a favorite child! I have a few...I love our Buildable Blur CC Cream, Overnight Sensation Brightening Sleep Mask (you get results with just one use!), Infinity Waterproof Eyebrow Liner and Lip Mate!

What is your most popular product?
Our Liquid Lash Extensions mascara is definitely a best seller. People love that it gives you the instant look of lash extensions, plus ingredients like our Orchid Stem Cell Complex™ condition your lashes while you’re wearing it.

What has been the most rewarding part of creating Thrive Causemetics?
There are two - helping all of the people and communities we have helped and building the most incredible community of loyal customers, I call them our Thrive Tribe, who are enabling us to do what we do.

According to your website, Thrive Causemetics donates a portion of its sales back to women, animal, and communities in need. Can you explain more about this aspect of the company?
Yes, for every product purchased we make a donation to help a woman, community, or animals in need. Our core focus area is women overcoming remarkable challenges, like homelessness, domestic violence, and cancer. We also practice responsive giving, for example in November 2018 we made a $250,000 monetary donation to organizations like supporting those affected by the California wildfires.

Are all of Thrive Causemetics’ products vegan?
Yes!! 100% vegan.

Why is being Leaping Bunny certified important to Thrive Causemetics?
I am a lifelong animal lover with two rescue dogs named Kody and Cooper, and Thrive Causemetics has been 100% cruelty-free and vegan since the beginning. Being accepted into this program is an absolute honor and it lets the world know of that dedication.

What is something unique about Thrive Causemetics that others may not know?
I’m really proud to have started Thrive Causemetics out of my apartment in my mid-twenties and that we’ve donated millions of products to help women thrive. Not only do we co-create our products with our community, we also have found some of our best giving partners (charities we donate to) through our Thrive Tribe.

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