June 2019 - Our Latest Giveaway Will Make You do a Double Take

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Happy Summer! The warm weather is officially here and with the humidity in full force, we are excited to share an interview with hair care company, Lubricity Labs, who is dedicated to combatting frizz.

Skincare can also be super tricky this time of year so Program Manager, Kim Paschen, shares her experience with newly launched Versed products. Versed has skincare regimens for all kinds of skin challenges. How does Versed hold up on Kim’s oily prone skin? Read on.

We are also collaborating with cruelty-beauty blogger Phyrra for an incredible giveaway featuring all kinds of makeup and hair brands worth over $1,600. Scroll down to enter.

Lastly, be sure to check out the exclusive discount codes featured at the end of this e-newsletter from Aspen Clean, Blue Stone Apothecary, and LUA Skincare.

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Leaping Bunny Program Administrator

Versed Skincare

I got to try products from the newly launched skincare brand Versed and am in love! Their products are simple, yet geared towards specific skin types (aging, problem, dull, dry) and each skin type has a full suite of affordable solutions. Everything is vegan (and of course, Leaping Bunny Certified) and the best part…this brand is available at Target and nothing, I repeat NOTHING is over $20!

Just Breathe Clarifying Serum

This light but concentrated serum goes on cleanly, i.e. it absorbs quickly into your face. It works to calm redness and breakouts with willow bark extract, niacinamide and a zinc blend. I love how easily it incorporates into my skincare regimen and how combinable it is with other products. Pro tip: wait a few minutes to let it absorb before applying moisturizer.

Dew Point Moisturizing Gel-Cream

I am currently obsessed with this ultra-light hydration cream. Admittedly I was a bit skeptical that a gel cream could hydrate well, but it really does. Aloe leaf juice and sodium hyaluronate keep moisture in and antioxidants keep the bad stuff out. This formula is non greasy and definitely does not leave any sort of residue. Best of all, it can be reapplied at any time without turning your face into an oil slick.

Find Clarity Purifying Mask

Some clay masks end up making my skin feel dry and itchy. I am happy to report that Versed’s clay and charcoal mask does neither. What it does do is mildly exfoliate the skin, soak up excess oil, and draw out impurities. The result: skin feels rejuvenated and deeply cleaned. Plus, how cute is the convenient pack it comes in?!

Worth $1,600!

We are so excited to tell you about an amazing giveaway we are doing with Cruelty-Free Beauty Blogger, Phyrra. This prize box is going to be absolutely LOADED with makeup and haircare from some of the hottest brands certified by Leaping Bunny. Check out the participating companies:

A Girl’s Gotta Spa
Bite Beauty
Black Moon Cosmetics
Eva Hair NYC
Lime Crime
Melt Cosmetics
Milk Cosmetics
Rituel De Fille

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It is completely free to enter, but you must do so by 11:59pm EST, June 30, 2019.

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New Companies

So many companies, so little time! This spring flew by with tons of brands making the cruelty-free commitment. Please check out our newest assortment of cosmetics, personal care, and household product brands below. Aside from not testing their products on animals, we have noticed more companies are committed to packaging with recyclable material and eliminating the need for plastic, which we fully support. As always, be sure to check out our complete list of certified brands on our always up-to-date Online Shopping Guide.

Ananda Blissful Rituals
Beauty apothecary focused on non-toxic, plant-based, and eco-friendly self-care products handcrafted in small batches.

Atarah Faith
Skincare brand that focuses on vegan, phthalate-free, and paraben-free products.

BAABS Beauty
Hypoallergenic professional grade cosmetic line.

Company dedicated to eliminating the need for single use plastic. Consumers purchase “Forever bottles” with tablets for multi-surface, glass + mirror, and/or bathroom.

Chiki Buttah
Handcrafted body butters and pain-relieving balms made with organic ingredients.

Crambe Skincare
Abyssinian oil-based skincare, which contains antioxidants and omega fatty acids.

Dr Loretta
Skincare formulated with high concentrations of medical grade actives, essential oils, and botanicals to protect the skin from environmental factors and the aging process.

Kind Jo Organic Beauty Bar
Skincare brand of a mobile nail and skin salon based in Orange County, CA.

Mahina Beaute
Skincare that is vegan, ethically sourced, and contains essential oils.

Maker and Merchant
Plant-based holistic products to compliment a clean beauty lifestyle.

Toothpaste tablets that are vegan, SLS and fluoride-free, and packaged in a zero-waste glass bottle.

Pure Placid
Skin care, body care, and household products inspired by and created in the upstate New York forest preserve. Products contain locally-sourced ingredients and packaged in recycled glass bottles.

Return to Eden Cosmetics
Effective, affordable skincare created by a pharmaceutical science and holistic skincare expert.

100% cotton makeup remover wipes.

Thrive Causemetics
Cult beauty brand with a wide selection of cosmetics and skincare. Products are vegan, high-performances, and a portion of every purchase is donated to women’s needs.

Vegan skincare brand formulated without toxins or questionable ingredients that uses recyclable packaging whenever possible.

Willowdale Botanicals Inc
Skincare that is handcrafted in small batches on Willowdale Regenerative Farm in Lewisburg, Ohio.

Xo FACEcare
Founded by a Canadian facialist and dedicated to creating hyper effective skin care with clean chemistry processes.

Lubricity Labs

This month, we are excited to interview Dr. Boyce Clark, the CEO and Founder of Lubricity Labs, a haircare company dedicated to fighting frizz. Dr. Clark has such an interesting story about the creation of his company and its products. Read on to learn the inspiration behind the company, the name, and a little known fact shared at the end of the interview. We are lucky enough to have tried Lubricity Labs and can definitely vouch for the effectiveness of its products.

What was the inspiration behind the creation of Lubricity Labs?
When my daughter was around 12 years old, she started struggling with her coarse, unruly hair. As a Ph.D. Biogeochemist, I was intrigued by the problem—what caused her hair to frizz? Why did her hair “grow” in humid air and get bigger the more we brushed it? I used my background in science to learn what caused frizz, and applied this understanding to creating an innovative line of anti-frizz products that are highly effective, but use only 100% naturally derived and cruelty-free ingredients. Because I started this journey to help my daughter solve a problem, I wasn’t willing to use any harsh toxins or chemicals that would potentially cause her any harm.

What is Lubricity Labs’ mission?
Our mission statement is: “Innovate with Science. Create with Quality. Demonstrate with Results. Tell the Story.”

What is your favorite Lubricity Labs product and why?
This is tough because I’ve spent so much time and energy creating every one of our products, so I love them all! I suppose if I have to choose one, it’s our Q-Restore Smoothing Masque. Meant to be used 1-2 times weekly, this masque is highly effective at blocking out the frizzing effects of humidity, while locking in hair’s natural moisture. It’s a truly transformative product, and customers can see a huge difference in the health of their hair after a single use.

What is your most popular product?
The Q-Restore Smoothing Masque and S-Total Style 10-in-1 Styling Cream are definitely our top sellers—customers love the instant smoothing results of the masque and they rave about how great Total Style is for heat protection, adding shine, and giving hair a soft, touchable hold.

Does Lubricity Labs have different lines of product depending on type/texture of hair? What products do you recommend for dry hair? Oily hair?
Lubricity Labs’ products are formulated by me from the ground-up, and I designed them to work universally for all hair types. I think consumers can easily get overwhelmed with too many product options, so I worked very hard to develop all of our products to work with each person’s individual hair chemistry to deliver exceptional results, no matter your hair type or texture. Also, all of our products are color-safe and are safe for use on chemically treated hair.

What has been the most rewarding part of creating Lubricity Labs?
Before developing Lubricity Labs, I didn’t fully appreciate the relationship women have with their hair. It’s incredibly rewarding for me to hear stories from our customers telling me how using Lubricity Labs products has truly helped make their lives better, whether by helping them save time in their daily haircare routine, or helping them achieve healthy, manageable hair for the first time in their lives, which is a huge confidence booster. It’s a very humbling experience.

Your company’s name is so interesting. Is there a story behind it?
When I was researching the chemistry, anatomy, and morphology of hair so that I could understand what caused frizz, I kept running across the word “lubricity”, which is actually an engineering term which means “to make smooth.” That really resonated with the scientist part of my brain—if I could find a way to make hair “lubricious”, or smooth flowing, and lock-in that effect, then I could solve the problems (poofing, tangling) caused by frizz.

Why is being Leaping Bunny certified important to Lubricity Labs?
When I started this journey, I was doing it for a very personal reason—to help my daughter tame her unruly hair. Because I created these products for her, I was unwilling to use anything that would sacrifice her health, or that would compromise ethical practices. Essentially, I wanted to be able to create a fix for my daughter, while also being able to look her in the eyes and proudly tout good health and good ethics.

What is something unique about Lubricity Labs that others may not know?
When I first started learning about the chemistry, anatomy, and morphology of hair, I did it while I was working on a job site in the Arctic. During sunlight hours, I worked at my job, but when the sun went down and temperatures dropped, there was nothing to do, so that’s when I would crack open the textbooks I checked out from our local library, and read all about hair. I’m so grateful that I had a purpose for all of that down-time, or I might have gone a little mad out there in the frozen wild!

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