LEYOS Restorative Face Balm

Leyos Restorative face balm has become an important part of my bedtime routine. The packaging is minimalistic and functional and the product itself isn’t overly fragrant and feels light on the skin. Not to mention, the recommended “pea-sized” portion of this product goes a long way. It definitely has a thick, balmy texture as advertised so it takes slightly longer to soak into the skin. But it is worth the wait. Every morning that I woke up after applying this the night before, my skin felt hydrated, smooth, and just healthy overall. While I enjoy using essential oils and homemade natural skincare, this product seems to have an effect that you can’t replicate with a DIY. And as someone with combination skin, I am ecstatic to find something I can apply to my entire face. Everyone should give this a try if they are looking for a nightly moisturizer.


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