March 2016

Dear Compassionate Consumer,

March was a super busy month for Leaping Bunny. Program Manager, Kim, and I traveled to Anaheim, California, to attend Natural Products Expo West. During the three-day event, we met with over 90 companies, both certified and those not yet part of the program. We were received warmly from our companies that love partnering with us, as well those that are interested in Leaping Bunny certification.

Rather than the normal newsletter, we thought it would be fun to share our experience and perhaps introduce you to some Leaping Bunny certified companies with which you are not yet familiar. Expo West was a great experience and we are excited to grow the Leaping Bunny community!

We hope you enjoy our recap of the three days.

For the animals,

Caitlin McGrother
Leaping Bunny Program Administrator

Day One
Friday, March 11, 2016

In one of our first meetings, we caught up with Auromère to scope out their innovative products, including foam-free toothpaste. We were also introduced to their pre-shampoo conditioner that helps infuse moisture into the hair before washing.

We were excited to stop by Earthy, a recently certified company created by the founder of Earth Friendly Products. Their line of all-natural household products comes in a variety of fragrant scents including orange blossom, grapefruit pomegranate, and cucumber lime. However, our favorite is petitgrain (a super refreshing scent from the bitter orange tree). Not only were we impressed with their products, but also the gorgeous packaging, which looks like artwork on a bottle.

Éclair Naturals
Éclair Naturals, a new line from HUGO Naturals, had such a serene and relaxing booth. We indulged in their luxurious lotions and smelled their delicious bath bombs samples, which were definitely needed and appreciated after a long day on our feet.

Giovanni's booth was full of their amazing hair care products and even included a salon for individuals to get their hair done. We love how Giovanni's products cater to a wide variety of individuals and hair types, plus their range of products from cleansing to conditioning to styling is quite impressive.

We turn to Method for game changing, innovative products that are both effective and eco-friendly. Their rainbow-like booth featured a display of their new manufacturing facility in Chicago, which has a wind turbine, green roof, and solar tracking trees.

Schmidt's Deodorant
Schmidt's made a name for itself by providing all-natural deodorant in tub form. We were excited to visit their booth for the launch of their all-new stick formulas, which prove to be really effective odor and wetness stoppers.

Day Two
March 12, 2016

100% Pure
100% Pure's booth was all about featuring their makeup and brand new sheet masks, which are becoming all the rage. They come in all different types and we loved how the 100% Pure reps sported the bright eyes masks while they worked the booth.

Dr. Bronner's
We can always count on Dr. Bronner's for their immaculately crafted products and dedication to the animal advocacy movement. At their booth, they displayed their new fluoride-free toothpaste, which is available in mint, cinnamon, and anise. Anyone else an anise toothpaste fan?

Gabriel Cosmetics
Gabriel Cosmetics' booth was spacious and filled to the brim with all of their product lines, including Zuzu Luxe, Gabriel, and Clean Kids Naturally. They also introduced their new line of face sheets and new shades of nail color, which will be perfect for spring.

We really dig this company and their wide, gentle toothbrushes that help get teeth incredibly clean. They now also make organic toothpaste in tempting flavors like Mint-Aloe Neem, Coconut Banana, and Ginger Citrus. And one of their toothbrushes has a handle made out of recycled dollar bills. How's that for next-level brushing?

Spa de Soleil
We recently certified Spa de Soleil, an online store that offers a wide variety of luxury skincare products. The scents of the bath salt samples transported us (albeit briefly) out of the convention hall and off to a faraway island. We got to try their body cream as well and fell in love with its bright scent and whipped, creamy consistency.

Surya Brasil
Another recently certified company, Surya Brazil's booth was full of their exotic personal care products, including natural hair color. We were also excited to see nail polish and hope to feature them on #manimonday soon.

Day Three
March 13, 2016

Aubrey Organics
Stopping by the Aubrey booth is like visiting with old friends. We enjoyed chatting with them about company developments, including an updated website and new product launches in the form of body washes and deodorant.

We were happy to finally meet with David's, a company we recently certified that makes natural toothpaste. We are big fans of their perfectly minimalistic packaging, complete with in a recycled metal tube.

Mineral Fusion
Mineral Fusion's booth never disappoints with its large, comfy couches, impeccable makeup displays, and wide variety of samples. We chatted about their new hair care line (which we have since tried and give a resounding two thumbs up), and got our picture taken in their photo booth.

Planet Inc.
Planet Inc.'s booth was exactly like their products: clean, minimalistic, and super friendly. We love their new redesigned logo and we're excited to partner with them in the future.

Grandpa Brands
One of our last stops of the Expo was at the Grandpa Brands booth. After getting a sneak preview of their top-secret new products, which by the way, smell incredible, we chatted about all kinds of fun giveaways we hope to collaborate on this year.

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