May 2020 - A peek inside our makeup bags

A peek inside our makeup bags

Dear Compassionate Consumer,

We’re hoping that you are continuing to stay safe and healthy during this uncertain time. This month, we are excited to bring you a fun little peek inside the makeup bags of the Leaping Bunny staff. We often receive e-mails and social media messages asking for recommendations, so we are excited to share some of our most loved beauty products below. And, if you want to see if your favorite brands are Leaping Bunny certified, check out our Cruelty-Free App, which has been recently updated. Read below for more details!

This month’s spotlight interview is with the co-founders and co-CEOs of cult beauty brand, Glow Recipe. This interview provides a great insight into the company famous for its beautiful fruit-powered skincare products. As always, be sure to check out some of our most recently certified brands in the New Company section, and scroll through to the end for exclusive deals from Clean Beauty by Joy, Ivy & Elder, Jazmin Beauty, Olive Ave Polish, The Shameless Skin Co, and ZenKinetix.

For the animals,

Caitlin McGrother
Leaping Bunny Program Administrator

Our Dream Makeup Bags Revealed

Working on the Leaping Bunny Program has some great perks, one of which is getting to try all different kinds of makeup. From the glossiest lipsticks to the shiniest nail polishes, we have seen it all. We are happy to report that so many fabulous cruelty-free companies are putting out such high-quality products, all without animal testing.

Kim's Dream Makeup Bag

I am a minimalist when it comes to makeup, so I like to keep it easy and natural. These are my go-to favorites I absolutely love:

Milk Makeup KUSH High Volume Mascara

This tube is a miracle worker for my less than luscious lashes. With just one coat, the results are thicker and longer lashes. Plus, it stays on all day.

Thrive Causmetics Instant Brow Fix Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Gel

Instant Brow Fix Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Gel: Overdone brows are not my style, but this amazing product helps to accentuate and hold brows in place in the most subtle, yet noticeable way.

Andalou Naturals’ Brightening Vitamin C BB Beauty Balm Sheer Tint SPF 30

I don’t love foundations, but I am all about BB creams. My long-time favorite is this one from Andalou. It blends beautifully and provides great all-over coverage. Plus, it smells amazing.

Glossier Cloud Paint

This tiny tube has so much color! It’s a cream blush that blends beautifully for a totally natural glow.

Crazy Rumors’ Hibiskiss Lip Balm

I am also a minimalist when it comes to lip color, which is why I am obsessed with these lip balms. The colors are sheer but enough to make my lips stand out naturally and the smell is incredible.

Caitlin's Dream Makeup Bag

During the spring and summer, I take a fresh faced, natural looking approach to my makeup. All of the products below are my favorites because they are no-fuss and require minimal effort, but make me feel like my best self.

Glossier Skin Perfecting Tint

I love this extremely sheer skin tint because it evens out my skin tone but is super light and forgiving. I apply it with my fingertips and am left with a smooth, dewy complexion.

Browluxe Precision Brow Pencil

The angled “precision” applicator and fluffy spooley work together to make my brows look natural but defined. My colleague who is obsessed with good eyebrows (hint, hint, Kim) always compliments my brows when I use this product.

Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek

You cannot possibly understand the ease of this sheer tint stick until you have used it yourself. Not only does the color last, but it looks super natural due to the nature of the formula. I currently have the shade Quickie, which is a dark berry, but for summer, would opt for Rally, which has shimmer.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Lip Pop

I have recently become obsessed with this combination lip exfoliator, hydrator, and tint; I went through entire tube of it in record time after applying it approximately 50 times a day. It smells like watermelon candy and I love its interesting exfoliating yet super hydrating texture. It also gives my lips a nice, subtle pink flush.

Flora 1761 Flander’s Poppy

Whenever my nails are painted, I feel better about myself. I love Flora 1761’s polishes because they last all week long while providing vibrant, rich color. I would be remiss if I did not also mention the beautiful packaging and wide applicator brush, which makes painting my nails fast and easy. Flander’s Poppy is my current go-to color because, to me, spring equals orange-red nail polish.

Maria's Dream Makeup Bag

I'm one of those people who loves trying new cosmetics, but I also have my old standbys. Here's a glimpse of where my makeup bag is these days:

Jouer Eye Shadow

Jouer makes a fantastic eye shadow. I love the variety of colors, as well as their pretty and lush pigments. The quality is great, too—they last all day!

Thrive Liquid Last Extension Mascara

This mascara is one of my top choices for mascara, mainly because my eyelashes need all the help they can get! It elongates my skimpy little wisps, and gives them nice definition, even if I just do the top row!

Gabriel Moisturizing Liquid Foundation

Gabriel foundation has been with me since my early days of making Leaping Bunny's acquaintance. Sometimes you find a shade and a texture that just works; for me, that's their "Rose Beige".

Ilia Beauty Multi-Stick

Stick blushes are a newer thing for me, but I was totally game. After using Ilia's Multi Stick, I'm sold. It applies nicely, doubles as a lip color, is ideal for travel, brush required!

Ofra Cosmetics Long Lasting Lipstick

Despite all the options, sometimes finding that "it" lip color is an ongoing challenge. In recent years, I've had my best luck with wands for application and finish. Ofra's Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick is my go-to for lip color. "Unzipped" is a shade that works for me, and is long-lasting without being too drying. That's key!

Cruelty Free App is updated!

We recently refreshed our list of cruelty-free companies to include all the previously certified brands that recommitted to our Program in 2019 and remove the brands that did not recommit. We also added dozens of new companies to our list in the past few months. With all these recent changes, we released an update to our Cruelty Free App for iPhones and Androids. Download it for free in the App Store or on Google Play.


New Companies

As we roll into summer, we are excited to share some of our most recently certified companies ranging from cosmetics, to personal care, and even household products. Please click on their links below to learn more and support these small businesses.

Nail polish and color cosmetic brand with diverse and inclusive shades.

Vegan skincare founded by a mother-daughter duo and made in California.

Natural personal care and body care products that takes a holistic approach to overall health, inside and out.

Color cosmetics brand with products including highlighter, eyeshadow, and lip gloss, with names that will make you smile.

Floss Beauty
Curated beauty products that make your routine easy for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Handcrafted beauty, haircare, and skincare products with the added benefit of aromatherapy.

Long lasting, vegan color cosmetics.

Living Libations
Canadian line of organic botanical beauty care and holistic oral care products.

Luxury skincare formulated with nutrient-dense, plant-powered ingredients.

Skincare that is vegan and contains only natural or naturally-derived ingredients.

Meow Minerals
Handcrafted mineral makeup with a variety of lovely eyeshadow shades.

LOL Nail Lacquer
Vegan-friendly, 10-free nail polish offering a full colorful experience.

My Mommy Wisdom
Gentle and safe product line carefully curated to heal skin ailments for pregnant women and newborns.

Namaste Home
Organic household products that are handcrafted in Boulder, Colorado, with scents promising to balance your chakra.

Nasty Woman Cosmetics
Color cosmetic and nail polish brand created to empower women.

Supa Naturals
Brand focused on the production of full spectrum, high potency, organic, non-GMO products, including body butter, cooling gel, and massage oil.

True + Luscious
Plant-based, botanical-infused makeup that works with your skincare.

Skincare brand with the tagline “Clean Beauty: Less Weird Fillers. More Real Ingredients” and bright, fun packaging.

Glow Recipe

This month, we are excited to interview co-founders and co-CEOs of Glow Recipe, Sarah Lee and Christine Chang. This company creates luscious, K-Beauty-inspired, fruit-powered skincare. We can personally attest to the luxuriousness of these products, which are both texturally appealing and smell absolutely delicious. Please read below to learn more about the inspiration behind the brand, its most popular products, and an interesting fact.

What was the inspiration behind the creation of Glow Recipe?
My co-founder Christine and I were bonding over sheet masks and wine after dinner one night and realized that we were the only bicultural, bilingual executives in our positions at L’Oreal. As global marketers, and having traveled to Korea multiple times annually, we were always astounded by the amazing innovations in Korean beauty, but found that many Korean companies lacked the expertise to take their domestic success global. When we first sought out to build Glow Recipe as a hub for Korean beauty, we saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between Korean brands and the US consumer. In 2017, we launched our in-house line, Glow Recipe Skin Care. — Sarah

What is Glow Recipe’s mission?
Glow Recipe is a clean, fruit-powered, fun skin-care line inspired by Korean beauty. We are focused on providing first to market innovations paired with education and skintertainment, to ultimately empower consumers to bring out their glow. Our mission is to educate and excite people about taking better care of their skin with an unapologetically fun approach. — Christine

What is your favorite Glow Recipe product and why?
Our first Glow Recipe product will always have a special place in our hearts. When we launched our Watermelon Sleeping Mask, we were so shocked and humbled by the support. Having sold out multiple times and having a waiting list thousands long was beyond our wildest dreams. — Sarah

What is Glow Recipe’s most popular product?
Our most recent launch, the Watermelon Pore-Tight Toner has been the most successful launch to date. We call it an “Aqua Peel facial in a bottle” because it’s inspired by a popular treatment in Korea. The toner combines pore-refining and hydrating properties in one so it addresses multiple skin concerns in one product. There is an equal balance between the pore-refining PHA+BHA mixture and the hydrating hyaluronic acid. We’ve received amazing feedback from our community about its efficacy, unique texture (due to the natural cactus water that serves as the formula’s base), and sensoriality. — Christine

What has been the most rewarding part of creating Glow Recipe?
The most rewarding part of creating Glow Recipe is hearing our community tell us that our products have changed their skin. Even when we were new and starting out, we were so humbled to receive messages from customers telling us that skin concerns they had been dealing with for years finally cleared up before our products. When a customer tells us that they feel beautiful because of Glow Recipe, that’s what truly keeps us going every day. We remember receiving an e-mail from someone who was 72 years old that said her husband compliments her every night since using Glow Recipe and how it has made her so happy. Reading these kind of responses really keeps us going every day. — Sarah

All of your products smell so fruity and delicious! Is there a method to which fruit you choose to feature in your products?
The fruits we feature in our products are selected for their skin care benefit paired with additional proven ingredients. Our Watermelon line is targeted for those with oily, combination skin that would benefit from the lightweight hydration and instantly cooling sensation, and our Avocado line is great for more dry, sensitive skin, as avocados are really nourishing and calming for the skin. — Christine

Can you tell us more about your packaging? We appreciate its simplistic branding and concentration on using glass containers.
We use glass packaging as much as possible because of how sustainable it is. Glass packaging can be recycled or ‘upcycled’ into holding containers for Q-tips, spatulas, and more to give them a new life. When we design the packaging, we like to be inspired by the fruit or inspiration itself. Since the Watermelon franchise was inspired by our grandmothers using watermelon to cool our heated skin, the packaging resembles a melting ice cube to bring that message across. The Avocado packaging is inspired by the texture of real avocados while the Pineapple Serum is a miniature pineapple replica! — Sarah

Why is being Leaping Bunny certified important to Glow Recipe?
We are so proud to be Leaping Bunny certified. Being cruelty-free has been part of our brand DNA from the start, so to have gone through the rigorous process of being certified by the gold-standard in cruelty-free certification is a major milestone for us. — Christine

What is something unique about Glow Recipe that others may not know?
A little-known fun fact about our Glow Recipe journey is that we were actually featured on Shark Tank in 2015! The day of filming was a long process as there were hundreds of people in line to present to the ‘Sharks.’ However, the day the episode aired changed our lives forever. This was before we created our in-house brand and when the episode went live, our e-commerce site shut down due to the high influx of traffic and we received so many orders that we actually worked from our warehouse for the next few days, helping to pack and ship all the orders. It was a new and challenging time but really shaped the foundation of where we are today. — Sarah

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