Our company’s MTP is “Effortless Sustainability”

Our simple approach:
When we started using alternatives to the traditional toothbrush and toothpaste, we kept finding ourselves at a constant push and pull. Which should be our bigger focus: sustainability or convenience?
But should there even be a choice? Preserving nature is everyone’s responsibility. What we want to do is make it feel less like a task and more of a wonderful result of a daily habit.

Doing our part
As a business, we want to do good. As human beings, we want to do better. Doing our part means more than just bringing value and providing needs. If we inspire you to make the first switch, we are already creating a positive impact.

Why we do it
We want to lead the change in everyone's brushing habit. Most brands that currently exist don't have the incentives to generate alternative solutions because customers don't require it yet. This is why we're making sustainable be the new default for oral care.

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