the Narwhal and the Manatee


The inspiration started with a child. Agatha came into the world in 2008, and while she was a super chill baby, her skin was definitely throwing temper tantrums. All the normal, gentle, "skin friendly", "earth friendly" options were exhausted and so was Megan Elizabeth, Agatha's mom. The final attempt was to make things at home and see how they worked. The results were amazing and led Megan Elizabeth to look into other things she could make herself.

Over the years, an idea began to form. Megan Elizabeth read more labels, listened to many people have similar complaints about products in the mainstream market, and shared unique experiences with people that wanted to make things themselves. "If only" seems to be the phrase that started out many people's wish list for a product... and the she thought, "Well, maybe we can make 'if only' a reality."

Thus, the Narwhal and the Manatee was born. Offering a unique, personalized experience, this bath boutique gives each and every cu

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