Since 2001 NeedCrystals provides a professional spa skin care regimen for the best microdermabrasion available today. Our at home microdermabrasion crystals competitively merge home-friendly skincare with professional dermatology, promoting noticeably healthier skin without the need for expert supervision as well as fit the demand for all skin types.
A few key points about NeedCrystals Microdermabrasion Crystals are:

• Our products are ADDED to facial or body cleansers.
• Microdermabrasion crystals are 100% natural, finer than any other exfoliator, and gentle enough for all skin types.
• We have three types of products:
1. Our original crystals, which come in a wide mouth jar with spoon application, is available in 3 sizes
2. Crystals with added Salicylic Acid for Acne-Prone Skin which comes in a tall metal jar with shaker top for application
3. Crystals with added Vitamin C for added anti-aging benefits which comes in a tall metal jar with shaker top for application.

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