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Jill Turnbull's mission is to create products that restore and nourish the hair and skin naturally.
No Worries Australia HairCare is a 100% plant-based haircare system that uses no harsh chemicals paraben or synthetic fragrances. These products strengthen, nourishes and restores the hair to its healthiest condition.
No Worries Cosmetics products have been developed for a clean, natural and long-lasting look.
Formulated to enhance your natural beauty and give you a radiant second skin feeling. These products work for a wide variety of skin textures and tones. They have been inspired by Jill’s work with professional dancers and athletes, who required makeup that could hold up to demanding conditions.
My Lush Puppy, high end organic vegan plant-based shampoo and conditioner formulas. All natural pet pH balanced ingredients, carefully crafted in small batches to be safe and effective for even the most sensitive fur babies. We believe every pooch deserves the best.

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