November 2018 - Holiday Promo Sneak Peek

Dear Compassionate Consumer,

We cannot believe that November is nearly over and the end of the year is quickly approaching! Leaping Bunny has been super busy gearing up for what will be our biggest Holiday Promotion ever! Check out our sneak peek below.

Since the holidays are often a time for in-home gatherings, the Leaping Bunny team thought ahead to give you some great recommendations for household and cleaning products that make post-festivity clean-up easy and keep your house smelling great. We share some of our favorites below, so be sure to check them out!

Lastly, make sure you click on our exclusive promos from Grandpa Brands, Heaven by Earth, Rebel Green, and Revive Naturals at the end of this enewsletter!

For the animals,

Caitlin McGrother
Leaping Bunny Program Administrator

Sparkly and Clean Cleaning Products

Household cleaning products are the unsung heroes of the holiday season. During a time where we are often gathering together with family, friends, and colleagues, keeping a clean, sanitary, and freshly scented home is essential! There are tons of household products on the market and it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. Luckily, the Leaping Bunny team has done the dirty work for you and have some great recommendations to get you through the holiday season and beyond.

Aspen Clean Natural Bathroom Cleaner

I think most of us can agree that cleaning the bathroom is one of our least favorite household tasks. But, it needs to be done, and this cleaner makes the process a little less tedious. This spray works great on the sink, toilet, shower, and other bathroom surfaces. It quickly removes soap scum and residue, and makes everything shiny and clean. Although the scent of lavender can be a bit hit or miss with me, I think the addition of lime makes this cleaner smell particularly refreshing. After use, my bathroom is left sparkly clean with a lovely, delicate scent. —Caitlin

Eco Me Stainless Steel Cleaner

Don’t you hate it when you try to clean stainless steel in your kitchen and the product you apply actually makes the smudge worse? Ugh! It happens a lot, especially with grease. So, I wasn’t sure if Eco Me’s Stainless Steel Cleaner would be up to the task of restoring shine to my stove, microwave, and the dreaded fridge handle. I was so delighted that it worked amazingly well! The very pleasantly scented spray (no noxious chemicals here!) dissolved all of the gunk and left my surfaces shiny and streak-free. —Kim

FN Brilliant Get’n Dirty Multipurpose Scrub

It's so nice to know there's a natural and vegan product available for outside cleaning! We gave FN Brilliant's Get'n Dirty Multipurpose Garage Scrub a whirl on the garage floor as well as on the grill. Both areas needed quite a bit of TLC, so we allowed some time to let the magic happen. The ingredients got to work, and, within a few hours, the black, greasy, oily stuff lifted. No strong odors, either. This tub makes a perfect holiday gift for someone you know who paints, works on cars, does handiwork, or just likes to tinker around the garage or yard! —Maria

Grow Fragrance in Apple Pomander

Sometimes, you just need some air freshener, plain and simple. The problem is that most air fresheners are quite the opposite of plain, and are loaded with noxious, artificial chemicals to cover up odors. Enter Grow Fragrance, a company that creates plant-based air fresheners that uses none of the nasties like petrochemicals and the like. Their scents are super concentrated and do a great job at neutralizing odors. Our current obsession is their Apple Pomander Spray. It is absolutely perfect for the holidays and we feel great about spraying it everywhere, including our clothes! —Kim

Holiday Sneak Peak

Are you searching for the perfect cruelty-free gifts for your friends and family? Maybe you just like to take advantage of seasonal discounts to treat yourself? Leaping Bunny is so excited to be launching our biggest holiday promotion ever this week! Be on the lookout for an email on December 1st with the details on how to find exclusive discounts and promo codes from over 250 of our amazing certified companies including All Heart, Antonym Cosmetics, Crazy Rumors, Grove Collaborative, Mad Hippie, nugg beauty, Parissa, and Prai Beauty. Plus, make sure to follow us on Instagram for a chance to win a huge cruelty-free beauty box each day for 10 days.

New Companies

2018 has been our biggest year yet with so many companies making the cruelty-free commitment and becoming Leaping Bunny certified! We are so grateful for all of our amazing companies who believe that testing on animals is archaic and completely unnecessary. Check out some of our newest additions below and be sure to click on their links to learn more!

Bili Beauty
Vegan color cosmetic brand inspired by India.

Bristol & Sussex
Skincare brand created to help treat the founder’s husband’s facial psoriasis with a more natural approach.

Effective, green skincare that is easy to use and 100% natural.

Glam Up
Brand specializing in sheet masks that elevate and uplift all skin types.

Glitter Realm Cosmetics
100% vegan color cosmetics brand dedicated to the freedom of expression through art and using your body as a living canvas.

Florida-based skin care brand on a mission to develop safe, smart, and efficacious beauty products that are free of harmful ingredients.

Integrity Naturals
Michigan-based company specializing in natural skincare using ingredients including essential oils, vitamins, and minerals.

Kontribute Kosmetix
A lipstick-only brand created in hopes of spreading and inspiring kindness, creativity, and love.

Lis Noir Skincare
Natural, organic skin, hair, and body care without the hype.

MS Glamour
High quality cosmetics with an extensive color collection.

Naked + Thriving
Skincare formulated with 100% plant botanicals.

Native Essence Botanicals
All-natural, small batch botanical skincare, handmade in Los Angeles.

Feminine care made with all-natural food grade ingredients.

Professional haircare made with essential oils and botanicals.

Smile Brilliant
Teeth whitening and oral care products delivered to your door.

Zion Health
Personal care brand created to showcase the healing benefits of clay.