Parissa Brow Shaper Wax Strips

Eyebrow grooming is very much a personal preference for a great number of individuals. Some prefer an all-natural look, while others regularly get them shaped by a waxer or threader. However, there are also those that do not trust their eyebrows with anyone and leave shaping to themselves. Although one can go in with tweezers to eliminate any stray hairs and accentuate their natural shape, it can be aggravating, painful, and time consuming. For individuals wanting to speed up their brow grooming routine with a super easy to use, precise, and painless product, Parissa has exactly what you need.

Parissa Brow Shaper consists of mini wax strips that are perfect to place above and below your eyebrows for shaping arches. They also remove both thick and tiny hairs quickly and effectively. One strip is plenty for each area and does not require multiple applications. It is simple, does not require hot wax, and can be done in a hurry. Since the strips are so small, they are perfect for traveling when you need a touch up. Your eyebrow grooming routine will forever improve by incorporating these strips into your life.

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