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Our love of exquisite fragrance with the power to seduce and captivate the imagination is at the heart of each and everything created by Pure Placid. Soap, candles, body moisturizers and room sprays all begin with the subtle art of perfumery. With each carefully crafted scent there is a world of moods, dreams and memories, just waiting to be experienced. It is our way to offer you, wherever you may be a chance to arrive in the Adirondacks and experience its quiet power. We sincerely hope our heartfelt love of fragrance and the Adirondacks inspire you as it inspires us.

Our products are crafted with pure, clean ingredients that will not harm your body or the environment.
Each product is infused with unique scents perfected by world class perfumers.

All in the hopes of giving you a moment to breath it in and relax. A moment to become placid. A moment to escape the everyday.

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