Recommitment FAQ

What is Recommitment?
The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program requires companies to recommit annually to ensure that their products remain 100% free of new animal testing.
Does Recommitment cost money?
No. It is completely free. If you are a company that has not yet licensed the logo and now wish to, you will be able to pay for this once your company's recommitment application has been approved.
How do I log in to my account to begin the process?
If you or another company representative has logged into your account on/after January 1, 2015, please use the login credentials you created. If not, you should have been sent temporary login credentials via email or a physical letter, which you can use to gain access to your account. If you can’t find your credentials, please contact us at or 888.546.CCIC.
Which sections of the Recommitment Application must I fill out?
You must go through all sections (A-G) to review, update, and confirm all information in your application.
Why can’t I change 1) my fixed cut-off date in Section B or 2) my animal testing policy in Section C?
In Section B, your company’s fixed cut-off date is the date, selected by your company, after which no new animal testing at any stage of product development can occur. The fixed cut-off date exists to establish a starting point for a company’s commitment to being cruelty-free. In Section C, your answers are unchangeable because no animal testing after your fixed cut-off date is permitted. This section is included for your review only - ff your answers to in this section have changed, please contact us at or 888.546.CCIC.
What if one or more of my ingredient suppliers have changed?
You must add any new ingredient suppliers to your account in Section D, and have them sign Declarations of Raw Material Compliance specifying that they adhere to your Fixed Cut-off Date (unless you have already implemented the purchase order option). This can be done electronically or by uploading a PDF of a signed declaration.
What if one or more of my product manufacturers have changed?
You must add any new product manufacturers to your account in Section D, and have them sign Declarations of Product Compliance specifying that they ensure that the ingredients supplied for your products adhere to your Fixed Cut-off Date. This can be done electronically or by uploading a PDF of a signed declaration.
Am I able to delete outdated suppliers/manufacturers that I no longer use?
This is optional. Ultimately, as long as we have declarations from all of your active suppliers and manufacturers, you’ll be able to qualify for certification. If there are declarations in your account from old suppliers or manufacturers, it will not affect your company’s status. If, for your own records, you would like to remove old entries, please contact us at or 888.546.CCIC, and we will clean up your list.
Am I able to switch to the purchase order system for my ingredient suppliers?
Yes, you can do this, but please be aware that upon making this selection, all of your existing suppliers will automatically be deleted. If you then choose to switch back to the declaration option, you will have to re-upload each of your supplier declarations.
If I select the Amended Purchase Order option but have previously uploaded a sample P.O., does the Recommitment process require that I upload a new form?
Yes, even if we have a P.O. on file for you, in order to complete the Recommitment application, you would need to upload a new form.
What’s the difference between a Brand and a Company?
Companies must have at least one, but may actually have several different brands - a Company is the entity being certified, and a Brand is listed in the Compassionate Shopping Guide. Our new website features the ability to store information from multiple brands under one company. Keep in mind that one of the brands may have the same name as the parent company, but only the brands are listed on the Leaping Bunny Website.
How can I license the Leaping Bunny Logo?
Once you have successfully completed Recommitment you will be able to license the Leaping Bunny Logo by clicking on the button Apply For Logo Licensing in the right-hand column of your Company Page, and completing the Logo Licensing Application. Note: this option will not appear until you have finished Recommitment.

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