Sea salt, Handmade soaps with luxury oils, botanicals and herbs. We combined the healing ingredients of sea salt, with century old herbal remedies. All of our products are handmade in small batches, using 100% natural Sea salts, natural oils, herbs, and spices. We use no artificial hardeners, or fragrances. Salty Soaps are truly soap-treatments using nature's finest ingredients to tackle the most frustrating skin conditions. We began making our Salt infused soaps in our own quest to relieve a family line of slow healing diabetic skin, and problematic eczema. We noted after leaving the cool waters of cape cod, wounds would heel a bit faster, skin issues would back down, however the infliction remained. However, combing sea salt with botanical oils, healing herbs and spices produced a soothing, rich creamy lathering bar of soap. We make our products from our family, and yours.

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