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Shemen Amour USA offers a distinct line of skin, body and hair care products for women and men that contain the remarkable holistic healing benefits of naturally occurring minerals, mud and salts found in the Dead Sea,combined with natural essential oils, fruit extracts and vitamins. Minerals from the Dead Sea have been proven to enhance the overall health and beauty of our largest organ, the skin. Individuals journey to the Dead Sea to help ease and eliminate various skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and dandruff. Black mud from the Dead Sea stimulates blood circulation, rids skin of impurities and leaves you with healthy, glowing skin.

Shemen Amour USA is an ethically and environmentally conscious company. Our products are never tested on animals. All of our products are SLS and Paraben-free. Our manufacturer adheres to GMP standards which is the highest regulatory measure for human pharmaceuticals and is overseen by the US FDA.

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