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At Simply Wellness, we are dedicated to enhancing the natural beauty of our customers, always striving to make the best, most luxurious skin care treatments in the world. We believe in a simple routine, using completely natural and organic ingredients, without any harsh chemicals.
The star ingredient in our signature face and body butters is tallow. Why tallow? Tallow has a cellular composition that is almost identical to that of the human cells allowing it to absorb and moisturize much better than plant based moisturizers. Tallow also is loaded with vitamins A, D, K and E making it one of the healthiest things you can put in your skin.
With a company name that focuses on simple, we tend to consistently streamline. Less is more, in other words, less is healthy and natural. We are here to give you, our consumer, an answer in your quest for healthy and organic, personal beauty products. There, that was pretty straight forward, right?

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