Smax Wax


ORGANIC - All of our Oils and Essential Oils in our balms are Organic. We make sure our suppliers only use certified organic materials. We want to make sure that you are putting the best quality ingredients on your lips.
VEGAN - NO BEESWAX NO PETROLEUM. We don't use any type of animal products in our balms. There is more than enough greatness from mother earth, so there is no need to harm any of it's amazing creatures.
NON GMO - We don't use soy or corn in our balms (two products that are often GMO). We only use products that occur are are incredible naturally. Why use something that has been modified by man, when you can have something that has been perfected by nature?
ALL NATURAL - Our products are all plant based and found in nature. We only use the highest ingredients for our balms. These are manufactured at optimal temperature to preserve their quality, nutrients and over all goodness.
CRUELTY FREE - We don't test on animals and we make sure that our suppliers don't as well.

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