Tin Feather Cosmetics


Non-toxic lipstick uncompromising in quality, created by a professional makeup artist

Tin Feather began out of a dream to create a lipstick line that is non-toxic, yet doesn't compromise on quality. As a makeup artist, first and foremost, I wanted to create a lipstick I was proud to put on my clients! Having worked closely with natural makeup lines, it was really important to me that my cosmetics line be made using clean ingredients.

It began in Spring of 2015, when the idea was being tossed around in my head. Of course, sometimes dreams take time to come to fruition, so I only began making my lipsticks in Fall of 2016 and they launched in November 2016. I now do makeup artistry seasonally/part-time and Tin Feather takes up the rest of the time! The perfect balance.

My favorite part of having my own line of cosmetics is creating new colors and using them on clients! It is so fun (and challenging) to blend the right amounts of this and that to create beautiful shades.

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