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There's a pervasive message in our culture, one that serves to make women feel less than, or kind of rotten deep down. The idea that a woman must strive for beauty because of how she appears to others is a corrosive one. It's disempowering, and it's not what White & Elm is about.

As a beauty company, we absolutely want women to feel beautiful in their skin... but not because of how others will treat them. We want you to feel your deepest beauty because it allows you to share your true self with others.

That's the kind of beauty we're after. Our products aren't intended to be armor you have to don before battle, they enhance the gorgeousness of the real you. They heal and repair, they sustain and nourish, they teach you to heed your own body's messages. Getting to that place is empowering. It is confident. And it is beautiful.

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