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At Willowdale Botanicals, we formulate for results the way nature does. Handcrafted from a lush synthesis of whole plant and green-friendly actives, we create our ultra anti-aging skincare from ingredients proven to help renew the skin and regenerate the land. By mimicking the mechanisms plants use to combat oxidation, environmental stress, and inflammation, we’ve created a line that nurtures the six key functions of healthy, youthful skin: firmness, hydration, smoothness, reduced inflammation, radiance, and clarity. For our skin to be its absolute best, we believe we must also sustain our planet. That’s why we small-batch craft every product we make in a lab on our certified organic, regenerative farm in Southwestern Ohio. Here, we’ve restored land exhausted from decades of pesticides, herbicides and GMO crops. Now, a vibrant, living network among everything that calls our farm home supports us as we craft the most effective, potent, ethically-produced skincare possible.

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