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Women owned/operated. Small batch made in USA.
Nature is our toolbox and provides the inspiration for our product line. We take a scientific and holistic approach to skin care, using the best nature has to offer to create food to nourish the skin and encourage the body’s natural processes. Because it is our belief that the ingredients ARE our products, we spend many hours researching and searching for the best botanicals available. 1. Each ingredient must serve a useful purpose.2. When choosing active ingredients, we create high performance concentrates, packed with ingredients chosen to work in synergy for superior results. We do not “sprinkle” trendy ingredients just to put them on the label.
3. Our formulas are carefully designed with ingredients aimed at penetrating to the right layer of skin to be effective.
4. We use low dilution levels of essential oils in our products and when indicated, consult with a world-renowned essential oil expert regarding safe use.

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