The Leaping Bunny Logo

What Is The Leaping Bunny Logo?

The Leaping Bunny Logo is the only internationally recognized symbol guaranteeing consumers that no new animal tests were used in the development of any product displaying it. The Logo can be seen on packaging, advertising, and websites for cosmetics and household products around the world.

Why Is The Logo Important?

Shoppers want it and they look for it. In a recent poll, respondents overwhelmingly stated that they are more likely to buy a product that indicated it was not tested on animals. More than 65% of people surveyed indicated they are more trusting of independent third-party seals of approval and logos when it comes to finding accurate cruelty-free claims. Verifiable claims are becoming increasingly necessary as more and more companies self-identify as "cruelty-free" without the assurances offered by the Leaping Bunny certification.

How Do I License The Logo?

Companies in the US and Canada may license the use of the logo after becoming certified by CCIC, thereby making a pledge that, as of the fixed cut-off date, they do not conduct or commission animal tests, and do not use any ingredient or formulation that is tested on animals. A one-time licensing fee, based on the company's gross annual sales, is required for use of the Logo. Once approved, you will be given authorization to use the Leaping Bunny Logo on products, websites, social media, and much more!

Apply to use the logo today!

If you are interested in using the Logo on your products, or learning more, please contact us directly at 888-546-CCIC or e-mail [email protected].